Sound Credits for The War is Over film

The War is Over, a film about Ipswich and the Armistice during The Great War


Ipswich and the Armistice is a community project that explores how local people responded to the ending of the war in Ipswich at the time and how, today, local people feel about the First World War one hundred years later. The artist-led community project worked with local schools, community groups and care homes to retell this story in a unique creative way contrasting historical facts with contemporary viewpoints to produce a short collage animation.

Find below the list of sounds used in the making of the film The War is Over for Ipswich Museums:-

Water Swirl, small, 7.wav by InspectorJ ( of

Fireworks, Crackle, A.wav by InspectorJ ( of

Fireplace.wav by Leosalom of

Church Bells.wav by James Rod Davidson of

Huge Bomb.wav by Jobro of

Memorial Church Hymn 2.wav by Xserra of

21 Gun Salute.wav by Daveincamas of

20060419 Horse Neigh.wav by Dobroide of

Drums Parade.mp3 by Dobroide of

Crowd Cheers x 4 National Anthem by Cell31 Sound Production of

Horse Snort 2.wav by Goodlistener of

Wood Burning Stove.wav by Nebulousflynn of

Bike Horn 1.wav by Stickinthemud of

Old Bakelite Telephone Press Hook.wav by Magedu of

Old Telephone.wav by Juskiddink of

Porto Pigeon Fly Away 30.wav by Mhusinsky of

Pigeon Taking Off.wav by Glaneur de Sons of

Camel Talk.wav by Acclivity of

Door Latch.wav by Tim Kahn of

Church Bells.wav by Jamesrodavidson of

Undefined Old Engine/machinery 2.wav by luciolepri of

Sounds were also created by Ranieri Spina, Tracy Satchwill and children from primary schools. Sound was edited by Peter Richards


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