Project on an Imaginary Female World

Matriarchalism, the future is female project

1 July 2018

First ideas

Matriarchalism, the future is female is a new ideology, which explores how we could represent a female world.

Today only a few women hold positions of power with men holding 80%, gender pay discrimination still remains and the majority of women take on the responsibility for caring for children, the sick and elderly relatives (The Fawcett Society). We may have ‘equal voting rights, freedom of speech and assembly, property rights, access to education and health care equality’ (Peck, 2012) however misogynistic attitudes and behaviours to women are still prominent. The Everyday Sexism Project, which is a collection of women’s daily experiences of gender inequality, proves that sexism still exists in our modern society.

Patriarchal World in Hysterical Females

Instead of getting involved in debates about whether sexism is a thing of the past or how lucky we are to be a woman of today wouldn’t it be interesting to visualise a different world where the shoe is on the other foot or the woman is in the driver’s seat? My questions include what would the world be like if women were leaders from all walks of life such as in businesses, home and society? What would the appearance of the world be? What would it sound like, feel, taste, smell? How would our children be reared?

I am interested to see how creative people such as musicians, visual artists, performers, filmmakers envisage this new world looking at both male and female perspectives. What obstacles would we overcome and would there be an improvement or would it deteriorate? I am also interested to discuss further. Do women make better leaders? Would there be wars? Would men be prisoners? Would it be an ideal world? Would it be too boring for creative people to illustrate? What about the transition into this new world? Would it be rocky?  Would it be pink and glitter? Would it be imperfect perfect? Would nature be tampered with to maintain perfection? Also when I say the future is female this doesn’t imply that it is a female dominated world where men may take on the attributes and outlooks of women? On the other hand what if women take on the traditional attributes of men?

Lots of quotes from Mr Trump in the background

In this uncertain world of Donald Trump and all the misogynistic worms that are coming out of the woodworm is it time to rebel and show the world a better place? A place where there isn’t everyday sexism. Perhaps this art movement is about the issues that arise today and the barriers that confront this ideal world.

My ideas have developed from various researches into the manifestos of Surrealism, Futurism and Futurist Woman. Drawing from the TV programme How to be a Surrealist with Philippa Perry I am interested in creating a world by a state of mind. The surrealist invited the public to talk about their dreams and from their findings they experimented using various medias. One method would be to talk to the public about this ideology and from the findings create work with a group of artists. Inspiration has also been drawn from Feminist science fiction particularly the book and TV series The Handmaid’s Tale and a talk on Glitch Feminism  by artist and writer Legacy Russell who has some interesting thoughts on everybody wants to be a feminist but nobody wants to be a feminist, society rewards a body for being male and the virtual transformation of a body to a digital space.

Some collages that could be the first point of inspiration

Whilst visiting the Wellcome Collection inspiration was also taken from John Walter’s exhibition Alien Sex Club, which explores changing attitudes to HIV.  The presentation of the exhibition was interesting. It was displayed in a maze showing film, sculptures, graphics and even tarot cards. Some of these formats could also apply to an imaginary female world.

I am interesting in creating this future is female world. However lots of research will need to be done before I can imagine what it’s going to be like. I don’t think it’s going to turn out good! I think a playful surreal dystopian world is on the cards!

Sex Alien Club

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