Queen Boudicia joins CLEY 16

I am excited to start a new project for the year.

I was pleased to be┬áselected for CLEY 16 by guest curator Hugh Pilkington. The contemporary exhibition is an annual event and artworks are exhibited across the town of Cley next the sea including works on the beach and church. There isn’t a theme but the title will be In Norfolk Now.

As I am new to the area I thought it would be appropriate to create something about Norfolk and after all the mind mapping I came back to my favourites: history and women.

I was particularly interested in Queen Boudicia and the Iceni tribe from the Celtic era and would like to explore this further. There’s a start to the project.

Boudicia process 1

Boudicia process

I am particularly interested in the celtic patterns and artwork and would also like to display in an oval shape.


We meet up in February so I am sure things will change!



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