The Batty Old Woman & Ideal Husband

MA Communication Design
Award Specific Unit 1
15 October 2016


This week I continued working on my Suffragette project for the centenary of women’s suffrage in 2018. I met with my tutor to finalise my proposal for the unit, which is to create live characters including appearance, background story, animation script, storyboard and mood board. I also aim to create still imagery and will be experimenting and creating a dummy body flipbook and games/toys.  I’ve got lots of historical research to do and will visit archives over the next months.  I will also be creating a mood board and story outline for entering the RSA Student Awards for Moving Picture which looks at ageism. Continue reading “The Batty Old Woman & Ideal Husband”

New Disguise

MA Communication Design
Award Specific Unit 1
8 October 2016

I am interested in developing characters for a body of work which marks the centenary of women’s suffrage. The suffragette project would be a touring exhibition that focuses on the different viewpoints of the suffragette argument, intermingling fact and fiction, being theatrical, playful and dark and proposing to include interactive pieces and an animated film.

Since seeing Rachel Maclean’s film at British Art Show in Norwich I am obsessed with her work which is contemporary, quirky and very dark.

Counter culture Rachel Maclean Baptism of Clyde 960
Rachel Maclean’s work

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New Perspective 2

MA Communication Design
Award Specific Unit 1
6 October 2016

The second week of the Award Specific Unit 1 involved showing our response to the previous week’s task. The exercise was to develop a visual idea that communicates four different perspectives. Mine involved looking at an object and giving it four different uses. I created a stop motion animation to communicate it as seen in the previous blog.

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New Perspective

MA Communication Design
Award Specific Unit 1
29 September – 5 October 2016

The first week of the Award Specific Unit 1 involved a discussion about form and function. We looked at examples of form following function and function following form. We particularly looked at graphic artist Shigeo Fukuda’s posters which are described as ‘startlingly bare poster designs of logo-like simplicity, often bitingly satirical in their content and always expertly composed’.

fukuda_11 shigeo-fukuda-ucc-coffee-2 fukuda_6

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